When you…

When you stumble on the right one.
Every madness hets its meaning.
Every smile begins with a peck. Every emotion gets its full illness.
Every grey hair seems a perfect fit.
Every scar is an embellishment.
Every pain is out of pleasure.
Every journey is worth taking.
Every mistake becomes learning to correct.
Every kiss is bliss.

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Until the last drop of you and me

My dreams,
Take me to you.
I am loving the world
I built when I shut my eyes.
Where you are with me.
I want you to tumble down me.
Like the water falling down the rocky ravines.
And slowly rising above the wide plains.
I wanna see you again and again. With every drop of emotion in your eyes.
I wanna lay beside you.
Under the sky…
With the waves caressing our skins…
Holding your hands.
Wanna travel into infinity.
Where coasts meet the sky.
And rainbows lit up the sky.
Even the distance,
Keeps our love growing.
Like the wine.
Until we savor each other.
Until the last drop.

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Your love is my lifeline

Your love,
Attracts me.
Pulls me towards you.
Everything else in the world seems blurred.
I only see you,
I only feel you.
I only hear you.
Your heartbeat just keeps me going…
Your aroma still lingers on my skin.
I bleed my words here.
And you live in these words.
As i pour it here endlessly.
I can’t stop loving you. realize,
I need you. like i always do.
You are the heat,
That keeps me warmer.

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