The way he held his tears

The way he holds his tears..
Hiding it away from me..
To not to break me..
Makes me love him more and more..
The Way he became the reason..
For my existence..
I felt I was lost until then.
Until when be found me..
He became my words..
When I was in silence.
Breaking away in his arms..
I could flood the whole world…
The way he holds me closer..
So I do not see his tears rolling down…
Makes me yearn for him..
The more he behold his emotions.
I fall in love with him deeper and deeper..
As his tears roll down to my cheeks…i kiss away his pain..
Like he does mine.
All we do is console each other..
For the unprecedented emotions that are storing up our life.
Strangely, we are in a whirlpool of emotions..
In an unending journey of life.

#thechaoticpoetess #love #helovesme #unendingemotions #emotionsuncontrollable #loveandpain #distance

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