A missing piece

All i want to is.
Hug you tighter.
Lay my head on your chest…
And forget the world.
I just wish, i embraced you tighter.
The last time we were together.
For a moment,
I wish i was dissolved in that hug.
Into you forever.
And be inseparable from you.
Every night and day.
I miss being beside you.
It’s like the nights are colder without you.
My eyes are drowning in the darkness.
All i see is you, while i shut my eyes…
And i miss you the most when i open my eyes.
I wish this was just a nightmare.
And i open my eyes,…
And feel you beside me.
Because this nightmare is unbearable.
#thechaoticpoetess #brokenheart #missingsoul #twinflames #mytwinsoul #loveendlessly #mymissingpiece

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