You are my music, I will always cherish

You are my attire.
That defines me.
You are the jewelry,
I wanna adorn.
The way you play me along.
Like the favorite music note.
In your beats.
You savor me.
Like the wine, kept in your closet.
Hidden from the world.
You savor me.
Taking sip by sip.
Tasting me,
Like you never tasted someone like me.
You make me feel like a woman.
Arousing all the hidden pleasures.
In me.
Unbuttoning all the passions.
That keeps me sane.
All i want you to do is.
Delve into me,
Like a roaring sea.
And splash the waves upon me…
Rising my heartbeat.
To sync with yours.
Loving you is my music.
I never get bored listening to.


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