Stay beside you all night

I wanna watch you as you sleep…
Stay beside you all night.
Caressing your skin slowly.
Running my fingers in your hair and beard.
Cupping your face and kissing on your lips…
A piece of ne wants to sew u sleep.
And another piece of me, want to hold you tight.
Close to my bosom.
So that you can listen to my heartbeat.
And drift slowly into a night so unforgettable.
Every night with you is unforgettable.
As i am lost in your eyes.
Which looks at me.
Like i am the wonder you never believed even existed.
Loving you endlessly is my wish.
And all i wanna be is there in that little nest of your soul.
Which pumps emotions endlessly.

#lovepoems #youandme #youaremylove #mylove

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