Like the night we longed for

Take me in your arms.
Like the night we met.
When we cuddled.
The most.
Rolling and playing around.
Without parting our lips.
When the world was silenced by our moans.
And echoed with our heartbeats.
The sleepless nights…
When our skins erode against each other.
To sing the melody of unforgettable love.
Every bite, you placed on my skin.
Left a mark, unfadable in my heart.
Every inch of me reminds me of our touch.
The smell of your skin lingers on me.
Even when we are apart.
Being away, all i desire,
Is your tinge on my skin.
Seize me from this fake world.
And take away, me into the world where only you and I exist.

#thechaoticpoetess #poemsonlove #love #unforgetablelove #youandme #loveyouforever

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