Have the courage to be disliked?

“Do you like me?”
“Oh please like me…please please please..”
We are either speaking these out loud or we are inwardly saying this in everything we do.
Being human is one thing we can’t get over.
From the beginning, we are asked to be good. “Be good ” “behave well” “you are a good boy/girl ” “just like my boy/girl” etc etc.
But do you know? it’s a trap?
The trap of people liking us. Trapping us to do what they or others want and stray away from what we deeply want. We tend to fall for it because we feel that’s right
Initially, it becomes easy to do as per others’ guidelines but gradually when we begin to discover what we want..things change our needs will conflict with others’ needs. It’s hard but doesn’t mean that it’s not achievable. Train your mind to do things you like in your way. We dont need to be necessarily be liked by all, because we are not everyone’s cup of tea…we are our glass of vodka or wine..which can intoxicate in a way that none can understand. The world is cruel and crooked, they trick us with a label of being liked and make us do things in our way following the monotony.
Choose for a different path…you shall be led to your destiny.

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