You are all i am for

It’s not the way,
You feel me.
With your fingers.
But the way you
Feel me with your soul…
I wanna lay my head.
On your arms…
And let you fill into me.
The way we share our love.
Is inexplicable.
You are the wine.
I wanna get intoxicated.
You pluck me away, from every pain.
And place me in your heart.
Close to your heartbeat.
That i forget the world that agonizes me.
When you are near me.
I just wanna hear the heartbeats.
And fall in love with you every moment.
Stay in my heart forever.
And keep me alive.

#thechaoticpoetess #lovepoems #love #allforyou #waitingforyou #ijustneedyou #youaremine

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