Disarray as Me

Messed is me.
As my soul.
Reverberating with the melancholy of mayhem
Spurting across my mind.
Came in the gush of emotions.
That take. me to a valley of the lost.
The valley plunged me into memories.
That drowned me then.
I looked away into the darkness.
To hide into the silhouette.
To find peace.
Amidst the overshadowing threat.
I see dangling above my head.
Twisted soul was mine.
Disillusioned by the conflicts of my mind.
Which is tarnished by the gloom of my life.
Will i be escaping?
Will i be rescued ever?
Am i audible to the world?? Were the thoughts.? Booming in my mind…
As slowly i nurtured…
Into a flower that had thorns to fondle.
But I bloomed,
Even when the snow-covered me.
Or rain washed me.
Or when the sun burned me.
I stood alive.
In every storm of my life.
#melocholyofasoul #soul #callofthesoul #flyaway #bewhoyouare


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