Disarray as Me

Messed is me.
As my soul.
Reverberating with the melancholy of mayhem
Spurting across my mind.
Came in the gush of emotions.
That take. me to a valley of the lost.
The valley plunged me into memories.
That drowned me then.
I looked away into the darkness.
To hide into the silhouette.
To find peace.
Amidst the overshadowing threat.
I see dangling above my head.
Twisted soul was mine.
Disillusioned by the conflicts of my mind.
Which is tarnished by the gloom of my life.
Will i be escaping?
Will i be rescued ever?
Am i audible to the world?? Were the thoughts.? Booming in my mind…
As slowly i nurtured…
Into a flower that had thorns to fondle.
But I bloomed,
Even when the snow-covered me.
Or rain washed me.
Or when the sun burned me.
I stood alive.
In every storm of my life.
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Finding joy in life is essential. But how do we go about it?

As it is said that one joy is a sorrow for the other. It is impossible to keep the scale balance the same for all. So how do we find what is true joy or what exactly is the principle for finding joy in life.

It is hard, but again not impossible.

Find out what truly gives you joy?

Can you do that?

For some it is the joy of giving, for some, it is the joy of taking away. It is all about finding joy in your own way. We cannot blame the other, just because them attaining joy is a little painful for us. ?

Even a random smile from a stranger, care from a nurse or even the slight touch of a baby on a moms face, does bring in joy.

Once you find…

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