Unbuckled Emotions

Devour me ,

Like I am an enchanted woods,

ready to be explored

with the unknown hands..

depetalling every inch,

with the petals,

that wrap mine..

unbuckling the emotions..

letting go off the burdens of being shackled..

experiencing the mind that fly away..

without being chained by rules..

awaiting I lay,

on the grounds ,

where i am ready to be bloomed..

pouncing on me..

you let me rule and surrender at times..

we play from dusk to dawn

and dawn to dusk..

until the eyes shut away in fatigue..

in arms of each other..

where sleep is dreamlike..

but real.


Here, i stand uncovered.
Dare you judge me…
As i shed my leaves away.
But again, I shall rise decked up.
As i am never shuddered by your judgments.
Standing tall, soaring into the heights. above your small minds.
Yes, here i am.
The world perceives me differently
But all i know is that.
I am never ashamed of myself
Be it naked.
Or green-clothed.
Or bedecked with elegant flowers…
My soul remains the same.
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