Taking time off with elder one

Spending time with her is a tough thing, especially after having my second one. We usually dont get our time together because our lil tornado is all around and yea she hates sharing me.
I have seen moms complaining about not able to get time with their elder ones..once the younger ones are born.it is true by the way. And not like other times, we cant completely focus on the elder ones when the young ones are there.
Quite a challenge when it comes to babies…Being handling them since they were babies for a while until my mom came around, what i did was, managing to be with her when the lil one was asleep or always tagging her along in whatever i do. It did help me a lot when it comes to being with her. Especially when it comes to teaching her or helping her with her homework which i am not the best at anyways was to put the baby on my lap..and teach her…in that way both get attention. Growing up..this seemed impossible too. As they grow we need to make amendments to our plans. That’s the tactic.
Now that she is stepping into her teenage. i know she needs me around .or probably feel i should be around as she might not need me, but i do.
Being a mom is not easy i swear…
Because whatever you do….you can’t be perfect but all we need to do is keep trying.
Every day is new learning as a parent so keep your mind open for the same.
All the best parents.
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