Like I am reborn every time you look at me

All i wanna be.
Is lost in those eyes.
Which contains me.
I am reborn,
Every time you look at me.
The way you encapsulate my mind.
My thoughts.
In such a way, that it enthralls me.
My words become you.
It is like,
You filling into me.
Intoxicating my mind.
Losing my grip on everything happening around me…
Even your thoughts make me smile.
You make me redefine love.
Like the tidal waves.
Conquering the shore…
You rage on to my heart…
Like you are my quest.
I set myself on a journey.
To find me in you…
But all i find is you in every inch of me.
Giving me a new definition of life.

#thechaoticpoetess #lovepoem

The wait

Awaiting the moment.
To vanquish my emptiness.
And embraces you in my arms.
Like never before.
I sail through these harsh winds.
That is destroying my peace within.
The grueling time.
Is painstaking.
Yet we ought to survive…
To relive the magical moment of our life
We strive hard,
To meet the needs of our hearts.
The fine moments we sleek in.
Are the moment i breathe.
The rest seems.
Like i am battling with the odds.
To escape from being buried.
Because all I need is…
A glass of you.
To intoxicate my mind.
To bring in that smile.
Which i bestowed in your lips …
As a departure gift.

#thechaoticpoetess #lovepoems #poemsonlove

You hold me the way i need

Like the way,
A lamp is concealed from the wind.
You hold me..closer
To keep me lit up.
Every caress of your skin.
Awakens my mind.
Like a spark
Rekindled …
The love we share,
Brings in my special moments.
Diligently vanishing the sorrows of my life
Every moment i see you.
It’s like a moment so indelible.
All i need is you.
I comprehend,
Every time i feel you within me.
Our love is not extinguished.
With any storm that arrives.
We are sublime.
Like our emotions.

#thrchaoticpoetess #love

Like a fallen star

Like a fallen star from the sky.
I wandered everywhere to
Find my sky.
But all I found in the land.
Which extended and changed now and then.
I slipped.
I drowned.
I was exhausted.
I was broken.
I just existed. But survived the storms.
For a moment I thought, the whirlwind might take me home.
Yet again, it withered me into pieces.
Finally, I saw the sunshine.
The raindrops contained my reflection.
Yet, nothing took me home to my sky.
Until it was night,
When the moon lit up the sky.
With thousands of stars up there.
I lay there watching it, where I felt at home.
Until a wave carried me away,
Into an infinity.
When I was finally up in the sky.
Like a tingling star.
Dazzling in the sky,
Watching the world from up above.
With a smile.
That brightened the world beneath.

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You are the mirror where I find myself

The way you perceive me.
Is like magic to me.
You peck away.
The pain i endure.
Your smile strengthens my mind.
The way you gaze into my depths.
It like you are exploring my hidden thoughts.
Rewriting every unwanted thought.
And all my masquerade just fails.
Right in your arms.
Every facade drops away.
And i let you face the true feelings of my inner soul…
Which you lovingly devour without any hiccups.
Emerging out with a smile.
As if you enjoyed the kaleidoscope of my soul.
My mind gasps.
For a while.
Lost in you…
As you let me discover.
Myself in you.

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