The way you are beside me

The way you are beside me.
Enclosing my heart in your palms.
Caressing my skin…
As if you are devouring me.
You let me sink deep into you.
As you delve into mine…
Equally pampering my soul.
Brushing your firm fingers.
On my lips.
As if it knows exactly where to move…
To entice me.
You hold me closer…
Only a breath away from you.
Deeply sinking into my eyes…
All j could see is the fire in those eyes.
Which behold me…
Like a flower in it
Ready to be bloomed.
Like an ocean wave….
You came wavering into me.
Swallowing me…
Like a tiny toffee.
Melting me from within.
You touch me as if you know me.
Better than I do.
#thechaoticpoetess #lovepoems #erotic

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