You are my answer

I realized,
You are my destiny.
The way you came running to me.
It was like i am being home.
The way you held me closer.
Like you never wanna lose me ever.
All my paths, lead to you.
You are mine forever.
You are the answer to all my questions.
Every time i breathe in,
It is you what runs into me.
Filling me…
Trust me.
You will never find it.
Anyone who can love you.
The way i do.
The way i see you.
None can even perceive you.
You are destiny.
Of my vision.
When it is set out for a journey.
Your embrace.
It like a promise.
That you will never
Leave by my side.
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Like I am reborn every time you look at me

All i wanna be.
Is lost in those eyes.
Which contains me.
I am reborn,
Every time you look at me.
The way you encapsulate my mind.
My thoughts.
In such a way, that it enthralls me.
My words become you.
It is like,
You filling into me.
Intoxicating my mind.
Losing my grip on everything happening around me…
Even your thoughts make me smile.
You make me redefine love.
Like the tidal waves.
Conquering the shore…
You rage on to my heart…
Like you are my quest.
I set myself on a journey.
To find me in you…
But all i find is you in every inch of me.
Giving me a new definition of life.

#thechaoticpoetess #lovepoem