You are the mirror where I find myself

The way you perceive me.
Is like magic to me.
You peck away.
The pain i endure.
Your smile strengthens my mind.
The way you gaze into my depths.
It like you are exploring my hidden thoughts.
Rewriting every unwanted thought.
And all my masquerade just fails.
Right in your arms.
Every facade drops away.
And i let you face the true feelings of my inner soul…
Which you lovingly devour without any hiccups.
Emerging out with a smile.
As if you enjoyed the kaleidoscope of my soul.
My mind gasps.
For a while.
Lost in you…
As you let me discover.
Myself in you.

#thechaoticpoetess #poemsonlove #youandme #lovepoems #youandmeforever #mind #twinsouls #mytwinsoul #mysoulmate

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