Stay Closer to My heart

Stay closer,
Like you never wanna be apart.
As you linger around me.
Your aroma stays in my breath.
Every breath i take,
Its like,
I am consuming you.
Intoxicating my mind and soul,
You are penetrating deep into my soul.
You lay, beside me
Extending your arms.
Hovering your palm.
Right close to your heart.
Inviting me, to you.
I smile,
As that is my favorite space.
Which i call my home.
In your arms.
The safe space, where I am always alive…
Where I can listen to your heartbeat…
The rhythm of our soul.
#thechaoticpoetess #lovepoems #poemsonlove #loveisintheair #rhythmoflove #yourarms #myplace #youandme

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