Icing on top…

Sprinkling the sugary layer.
Atop the green grass.
Layering and layering up and. Above.
Slowly freezing the layers of sand.
To be still.
For months to come…
Until the sun blazes its shine upon it.
The layers laid..cold and untouched…
By anything that hovered upon it.
Until the sun shone brightly looking like crystals, that shone.
To be adorned in a necklace that adores a fabulous neck.
It was just nothing but drops of nature.
When touched by hand.
It melted away,
Right in my palms.
Like it was waiting to rain upon me.
To drench my skin.
To water my soul.
I waited there.
To be awakened.
Underneath the layers of snow.
Awaiting for the sun to show me my path.
#thechaoticpoetess #sreepriyawrites #snowfall #canada🇨🇦 #lifeincanada #poetry #poemsofmysoul

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