Silencing the demons

Silencing the demons
within me, is the hardest play for me…
I tried to banish it from my soul…
but then it took over me completely..
bringing everything i wanted to be alive in me.
the demon in me fell in love with you..
breaking away the silence of your life..
you took me to the edge of paradise..
setting me on never before..
the demons began to rule over you and me..
upturning our life..into a mess..
which we cannot get rid out.
the seeds of our love,
planted deep within me..
but again, it was lost in space,
while it bloomed in my heart..
the demon in me,,
was the real me, i realized..
as it always craved for the heart that synced with it in the right rhythm..
of its desire..
you reigned my soul..
and collated the withered pieces of me..
into a beautiful world of its own.

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