You are the spark

All i see,
As i look into eyes.
Is the spark.
Which elucidates my mind.
You take me on a ride.
Of euphoria.
Where i lose myself into you.
And i let you grab me.
Go higher.
As i embrace you.
To let you feel my heartbeats.
Which chimes your name.
Your soul, take me on a ride.
Where i forget my sorrow.
And only melt away,
In the friction of our skin.

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Until You

Until you,
I was nothing,
but a heap of mistakes.
until you,
i was just anarchy,
until you,
I was just that who was always lonely..
Until you,
I was just another soul who wept alone..
Until you,
I was nothing less than an unworthy soul..
Until you,
I was a nameless soul..
Until you,
I was just another broken soul,
Until you,
I just wandered along…
with no shores inviting me in….
Until you…
I was a lost soul..
who was then embraced with every chaos, scars and imperfections
wherein I felt complete.

Trust is what I see in you

Is all I see in your eyes..
the trust, I longed for..
the trust, that sweeps my feet off the ground..
I see my twin soul, in you..
the soul, that vibrates along with mine..
all along I traversed for such long..
covering all my wounds, that hurts me from within..
which I bled into the papers as poetry…
until I reach you…
I travelled for years..
with my heart on my sleeve..
awaiting for you to embrace it.

Stay in my heart forever

Just as I place my head close to your heart…
listening to my name echoed in your heartbeat…
for a moment I thought,
it was easy to drift away,
but then,
the agony that I caused to myself,
was beyond what I suffer now,…
now and then,
my mind is lost in your thoughts…
every moment,
seems like a million years…
living apart is indeed a pain…
reverberating in my thoughts,
breaking away my mayhem…
All I need is life, in your arms…
nothing else matters to me in this world…
then those eyes that contain me forever.
Even the worldly pleasures seem to be way lesser…
than the pleasure of being yours.


Just take me into your arms.
Let me just sink into your bosom.
The smell in your sweet masculine smell.
That entices my soul.
Our legs entangled.
And my heart.
Held closer in your arms listening to the rhythms.
Your heart orchestrates.
And fast asleep.
Breathing peacefully.
In my space called home.
Which are you, my love.

#thechaoticpoetess #love #lovepoetry