Only you

To what extent,
I love you.
I just don’t know.
But the more hurdles, life brings me.
The more I realize I love you deeper.
My heart knows it’s existence, only when it is around you.
The only thing I believe in the world is your eyes and your words.
Because I know.., only you can mend my broken soul.
It is in its safest space in your soul.
#justforyou #lovepoems #youandmeforever

Trust is you

Trust and hope are only you.
With you, i feel the safest.
Our love is indestructible
We are indivisible.
And we just have each other.
When you are with me.
I can even endure any pain.
The moment you plant a kiss on mine.
Every pain vanishes in a jiff.
The moment i was glued on you.
Everything seemed so beautiful.
And i just need you all along…
My tears slide in the horizon.
Worried to cry away from the pain.
As i need you all along.
I do not want the tears to take away the pain and you from me.
I will treasure the pain until i embrace you.
#thechaoticpoetess #poemsonlove #youandme