You make loving effortless

The way you look into my eyes.
Nobody ever looked at me that way.
The way you hold me in your arms.
None ever held me the same way.
The way you smile at me.
I never felt my smile reciprocate the same.
Everything in you seems.
The reflection of my desires.
The height of passion you take me to.
Is just what I yearned for.
You are the perfection of my dreams.
When I look at you.
It’s like my prayers have been answered…
I wondered why loving you is always so plain for my mind…
But I know, every moment, my heart feels you.
It just skips a beat.
Falling in love and staying in love was never easy.
But with you.
It’s all effortless.
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You enlivened my life

Cupping my face in your palms.
Comforting my soul.
Hiding away your tears.
So i do not breakdown more.
You are my home.
Protecting me from the turbulence of life.
I weep in your arms.
As only you can comfort me.
None in the world,
Will see me cry.
As you contain my heart.
Thrusting me deeply into your body.
I knew what your soul echoed.
I knew all it wants me, alone
To be immersed in you.
So that none could snatch me away from you.
Being happy was never so easy.
Until i met you.
The need to pretend vanished.
Ever since i became yours.
It was all easy to express than hide.
Ever since i became yours.
You enlivened my life.
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Child abuse

As she stood, unwillingly i those terrible arms, which were fiddling over her body even when she was surrounded by people in the public place.. she felt like killing herself.. what else could she do… She was clothed…fully but those filthy hands were feeling her all over. She stood numb, as none noticed as she was clothed fully. Her tiny little eyes cried within…but none knew it.. her tiny little voice echoed within her, which was silenced by the demon who held her closer and abused her. She lost her mind..her dreams she never knew what was happening..he was so tiny as know..but all she felt she was getting dirty as if somebody pushed her into the mud, which even if she washed off could never clean her up.

Ever felt the pain of molestation…, However, it seems like the ones who passed this law must be given a chance to experience it. That is when they will stop passing these hideous laws which do nothing but save the demons and put the angels scarred forever. A child is so delicate, even a minor scar can devastate their mind and traumatize them deeply.
If you dont know the pain, stop being the judge over it.
Sreepriya Menon
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The Great Indian Kitchen

Watching this movie was something in my mind ever since i began to read the numerous comments and posts that came up. Out of curiosity, i began to watch it…yea most of the parts depicted are quite relatable but again being brought up in a modern family with fewer restrictions, i couldn’t feel the pain the character was going through. But again the frustrated mind is quite readable in her character. Sex is a forbidden topic to discuss and it is shown rightly onscreen. Most women have to hide what they expect from their husbands due to the only fear of being doubted about their virginity and much more. Having sufficient knowledge about sex makes her husband think that she is quite like a whore or maybe he even goes to the level of thinking that she had sex earlier. In such cases, most women remain silent. What is wrong if she does know a little more about it? Rather than being a puppet lying down beside him, it’s better she knows about it and learns about the same. Sex is not a crime to be investigated. Her ignorance can lead to being harassed or used. Opening up their opinion on sex especially when it comes to women, term them as spoiled ones, which is what needs to be changed. Shouldn’t a man be doubted too, else how do they know all about sex even on the very first night?🤪

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Healing from within

Not every other day, i am the same ..Somedays i am broken, some days i am happy, some days i am extremely sad, some days i am just numb as if the world never existed around me.

As i look around myself, i see that even a storm doesn’t stop the sun from shining…it shines on its own, the trees shed their leaves, and even grow without contemplating the changes happening around it. Everything goes in the same flow as it has to be.

I realized i need not be worried all along and pause my journey. Everything is a part and parcel of life and all we need to do is tag along and explore what is unexplored.
Healing is quite powerful but again it takes time. All we need is loads of patience .. patience to venture out into the wildness of life, to regrow the lost confidence and the love for life, and become what you are meant to be.

Heal from within, even when it takes time.
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