Welcome New year

A year has gone by…without much hassle..that is what I felt in these months that went by. It was all within these four walls of my home but with my loved ones.
Every day it was quite the same..but there was something more to do with it. We had ups and downs, and happiness and sadness, fights and loving moments, illness and health but it is all gonna be there again in the coming years.. I do not know what I look for in the coming years… All I know is I have to give up a lot many expectations as this year taught us, nothing works as expected. So let’s chill around… and enjoy every moment of life.
Do not set any expectations, and cherish the moments as it comes by.
Be there to witness even the slightest moment of happiness..
Love endlessly, And madly.
Feel beautiful, however, you are..
Life is once, stop listening to the blabberings of others..
Live your life on your terms.
Promise yourself to keep yourself happy.
Sreepriya Menon
#thechaoticpoetess #welcome2021 #goodbye2020


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