The shore

Like the waves,
Look out for the shore.
I searched you all along.
It was indeed a long journey.
Which commenced when i have pushed away into the vaults of my mind.
Like the eagle. i soar high.
Looking for my gift of life.
Until i perched on you.
There is no life without you.
All i just want to be is in your arms.
You are like the essence, where my soul resides.
You are the sight, that my eyes searched.
It’s like being ages, i have to be in search of you.
Until now, when i found you.
You were my missing piece,
Which completes me.
And fills my voids.

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You are magic

Like music to ears.
You are the rhythm of my soul.
Wherein I can feel it from within.
The moment you call.
I am right there.
A heartbeat away.
You are the magic.
Who takes me away from toxic.
Your eyes convey the,
Most secretive desire you have.
And i wanna dissolve in it.
The moment you held me.
You woke me up from a bad dream.
And gave me a ride of ecstasy.

#mypoems #thechaoticpoetess #lovepoems #youandme

Life is a chaos

Life is chaotic,
whispered my mind…
it inspired me,
shattered me…
kicked my patience out,
yet it landed me without much time.
Here I change from the
chronicles of my thoughts to chaos,
where I landed in.
This is how I became a chaotic poetess.