The gravity that takes me to ecstasy

What attracts me more?
I wish i knew.
Because the moment you are around.
I lose my senses.
Your gravity pulls me, harder.
And the rest emotions, are just apparitions.
All i hear is the words you speak.
All i feel is your fingers sketching on me.
And all i am lost in is in your kiss.
That just takes me to a world where only you and I exist.
I wanna linger in that world, where we talk endlessly.
Uninterruptedly….until our words collide into a beautiful kiss.
Your eyes take me to that ecstasy.
Where my life reigns with yours.
#sreepriyawrites #lovepoems #youandme #lifebeginswithyou #mylove #pouramour #loveisablessing #kiss

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