A little girl, who never knew the meaning of marriage getting married and living in a strange house..as she grows up she already lost her childhood, by being termed as a wife. Gradually she loses everything when it is not even her fault.
The movie ‘Bulbul’ shattered me to the core. I dont know whether i felt her pain or was it my demons and pain hurting me from within.
The scenes where she is asking for her mom while she awakens from her sleep, it just broke me up. I wondered how the child must have felt..her mind must have been like an open wound.
It took me to a new realm of thoughts where i lost my peace.
How can parents think of marrying the little girls at this young age?
How can they ever think that their little girl is safe with someone strange.?
How can they just send her off and then never take her back…?
Does a girl child will be always treated that way.
Abandoned for no reason.

Her pain transformed her into someone else..which she never expected.
The world never understood her and betrayed her emotions until she finally became so powerful to be estranged and. Contained.

Her fear made her stronger.
Her shortcomings became her strength.
#sreepriyawrites #netflixbulbul #bulbul #mythoughts #woman #beingwoman #childmarriage

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