Nothing is changed

Nothing is changed ever since the lockdown.
It is just me and all working from home.
Nothing is changed in terms of time spent on household work. All I do is a little more cooking, a little more cooking and much more cooking all the time. It is like the chef in me has gone crazy.
The time I spend on work is relatively more than I spend on other things, and it sometimes feels like 24 hours is not enough.
No demands have stopped, it kept on going, and sometimes I lose my mind too.
Nothing stopped, just because I have lots to do at work and home,
The demand for the extra roti, when I take a bite of cold food.
The demand for the bedtime story, when my bones are breaking and wanna be hugged by the bed.
The demand for early morning hunger pangs, when I want to crawl into the blanket and sleep.
The demand for extra work, when all I want to do is read my books…
The demand for the extra time for loved ones, when all I want is some Me time.
The demand for the extra bites from my plate, when I crave for them too…
The demand for playing with kids, when all I want to is watch a favourite TV show, of mine…
The demand for washing the pile of clothes , when I want to finish my urgent work to show that I can handle everything.

All I do in the end is, ignore my inner calls…
And be ready to serve the rest.

But yes, then I found the ideas to steal away my time from everything I do.
And All I do is steal away ME from ME.


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