Self love ❤️❤️

Call me an advocate for self-love…
Yea…i always keep encouraging every other person around me to take some “me time”off.
It is indeed much needed when it comes to individuals.
In the past, due to my negligence i had sacrificed my me time and given it away for sake of others and in the end, it was just me who got blamed for.
So that’s when i decided to take some time off and spend doing something i just love to. It can be just reading, binge-watching some series like friends(maybe again n again), or a stress free time on my balcony gazing at the sky, or just cycle around with my friend.
These never harm anyone, but inturn benefits us in a great way. We all are always in a hustle amidst the bustle of life, wherein we see each and everyone around us, but what about us…just look at yourself.
Enjoy your good health, enjoy your book or even a bite of a meal or even a movie.
All those things you missed to glance at.
Hop around and dance away until your heart feels like flying.
Me time is essential, for keeping yourself happy and the people around you happy.
I keep suggesting this because i know i was broken once and then it took me loads of time to gather every broken piece of me to be who i am now.
Learn to love yourself again.
Self-love is a call to yourself.

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Be mine, with none to claim

Never knew,
that living seems impossible…
in this suffocating world, without you
as you are my oxygen.
you have become more than a necessity,
in my life…
all i need is your presence,
which makes my life radiant…
even when our words fail,
our eyes spoke much more…
than said and understood…
let me not be born in that life…
where you and me never meet..
let me not tread in those paths,
where you are not awaiting me…
be with me in every life…
let me take you as mine forever…
just mine…
and none to claim.

Who are you? Discover You

Thoughts are cluttered always in my mind. I do keep my brain idle, even when it is asleep. I taunt it crazy dreams, which I manifest in my heart or my brain.

Some days, I keep pondering about what am I? Who am I? What do I want in life? and much more .. as I said, my thoughts are always cluttered in my mind. I keep boggling it now and then.

I might do one thing today but may not want to do the same, the other day. Literally like a monkey mind, my mind jumps from one thought to the other, sometimes even my words find it hard to keep up with my speed of thinking. I keep making mistakes and mistakes all the time be it for profession writing or my ones. It is hard for me to concentrate.

My writing is never accepted at home or by anyone I love, they say it is not good or maybe my thoughts are much more rebellious as always, which is why I was never accepted from the very beginning of my life. I always had a different taste consider people or food or be it anything. It was hard for me to find fault with something that others considered a sin or simple as a ‘bad’.

My thinking was always adrift from any others in the family. The rebellious me reside in me and peeps out now and then. It never keeps anyone happy around me. But I chose to do it, as I can’t betray my inner self.

Moreover choosing me at times is important to show I love myself.

Sometimes we all are juggling between so many choices. Let’s say for example a book. In my home, as people are narrow-minded ( not to a greater extent, but yes limited), people think that reading such books like Fifty shades of grey and all is not civilized, so they all consider my writing to be a lil uncivilized or more like a barbarianism. I had tried my best to cope with it, but no response from my inner self, it told me you are cheating yourself. And it was much more hurting. Because I loved being loyal to my writings, else what’s the point in it.

Reading all kinds of books, writing what comes to my mind is what I like. If I keep a filter in it every time I do it, a piece of a particle of me is lost in something which I cannot regain.

I like being honest in my writing, the more I try to camouflage it with some restrictions, it is going to be fake even more. And the readers will never understand the true emotions in it.

Like writing, is my relationship with the people. The more I fake it, the more painful it is gonna be.

Most of the people around me, try to utilize me and my potential, and yes cant blame, its a human tendency. But again, when i am in a good mood, i don’t look into that part, but when I am blown apart, that’s when everything falls rightly into my mind and I feel like a fool being utilized.

Literally at home, I write hiding from others, because for them it’s me wasting time, and none realize how much it helped me. Few years, back I was battling with depression and as always, I regained my mind. Being experienced at falling into depression and then reviving from it. My life was never easy, though most of them never know.. Blame me for all the foolishness though( as per others).

Life is a hurdle, it gives you a multitude of options.

As you read across, this, you realise, today I am not so happy, because, I am scribbling everything that is coming up in my mind. These are my uncontrollable thoughts and it is a mess.

But again coming to the point, choosing what you always want to do keeps you happy and engaged. It gives your life a meaning, which no one can bring about.

I have seen many people not just ladies, but men too, stuck with things in life and unable to do things what they want. They not only lose what they passionate about but also a piece of themselves that they dearly posses.

Sometimes, take time out and then do what you like in your life. Do not waste it, else on your deathbed, you come to realise, you have done nothing for yourself.

Doing or pursuing what you like the most, is going to gift you, the unwrapped version of you. Trust ME ! you will.

Take the call, and feel it.

You might hurt many, but you are not hurting yourself and that is important.

Choose you sometimes.

A pinch of happiness to your soul can be given only by you.

All the best folks. !!!

Nothing is changed

Nothing is changed ever since the lockdown.
It is just me and all working from home.
Nothing is changed in terms of time spent on household work. All I do is a little more cooking, a little more cooking and much more cooking all the time. It is like the chef in me has gone crazy.
The time I spend on work is relatively more than I spend on other things, and it sometimes feels like 24 hours is not enough.
No demands have stopped, it kept on going, and sometimes I lose my mind too.
Nothing stopped, just because I have lots to do at work and home,
The demand for the extra roti, when I take a bite of cold food.
The demand for the bedtime story, when my bones are breaking and wanna be hugged by the bed.
The demand for early morning hunger pangs, when I want to crawl into the blanket and sleep.
The demand for extra work, when all I want to do is read my books…
The demand for the extra time for loved ones, when all I want is some Me time.
The demand for the extra bites from my plate, when I crave for them too…
The demand for playing with kids, when all I want to is watch a favourite TV show, of mine…
The demand for washing the pile of clothes , when I want to finish my urgent work to show that I can handle everything.

All I do in the end is, ignore my inner calls…
And be ready to serve the rest.

But yes, then I found the ideas to steal away my time from everything I do.
And All I do is steal away ME from ME.

The moments for which I could trade my life for….

Volatile I become,
when your waves touch mine…
crystalized as my eyes become,
capturing your refection…
engulfing your shores,
I entwine my arms, swirling along with yours,
there is no magic, but love
that awakens with you alone…
and my eyes shine brighter,
with you as the source of light…
I wanna shut my eyes, to not to lose you again,
but again, i do not wanna miss a moment,
but then I stayed awake, listening to your fast breath…
surrendering to those moments.
i will trade my life with…