How to write a journal and how it will benefit you ?

Recently i heard my daughter’s English teacher telling her students about diary writing etc. And my curious mind.. or call it a monkey mind, wandered into her class. The teacher advised students to write a journal or make a diary note every day by end of the day (EOD) . It just reminded me of my childhood days wherein I always cherished the joy of writing or call t scribbling, in a diary. My dad used to get me some beautiful diary. It was always filled with lots of information and facts and much more. The diary word filled my world with nostalgia. It reminded my childhood days when I started to scribble something, whatever that comes to my mind.

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Ever since then my daughter began to write her diary every day. She writes and shares with me, and ask for suggestions. Being a mom, I felt i should help her fill those diary pages, with some thoughtful reflection. I told her, “you write down the mistakes, the good the bad whatever you think into these pages..and then if you have done, make corrections to what you did and mention the same.” I told her, even to note down the reaction she received upon doing that act. All I wanted her to do was to remember the lesson, the lesson she learned that day.

I was glad reading her entries as they were truthful and honest. It was something I didn’t tell her, but she did on her own.

So have you ever written a journal?

If you have not, let us see why you need it?

A journal helps you to achieve what you want to change or polish in a better way.

It will help you :

  • To identify the negative thoughts.
  • Also to express negative emotions which we technically hide
  • Helps you to set goals and work on it.
  • If you are in some arguments, while writing it down, you get to think on another perspective.
  • You also get to check on your setbacks and even progress clearly.

If you want to start writing a journal – Stick to the habit and never quit. It needs commitment and honesty very much.

Now how to begin with

You can start writing by answering these questions like :

  • How am I feeling right now?
  • What did I do today?
  • What are my plans for today?
  • What mistakes I did and how did i correct it?
  • What did I read/listen to?
  • How did I help my family?
  • What better I can do?

Start writing and work on your goals and perspectives.

If you find it difficult to write, then at least try to start with something casual, and surely you will end up writing well. Some people have also turned their journal into a blog. It is also an ideal way.

So let us start writing and keep a journal.

All the best folks !!


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