Engaging younger kids

What to do when your elder one has a lot to study and the younger one is all free.
Hard thing to decide upon…right?
Having two kids is indeed fun ..since most of the time i need not focus on them and they will manage on their own. Playing time its ideal, they both want to be together all the time.
But when it comes to studying…it is hard as the younger one is still too small to have too much to study.
When i ask my younger one to study something just to give her elder one company… A part of me says “it’s ok to let her study, else she will disturb the other ” ..another piece of me says ” oh!! Com’ on…she is too small to strain like this”… Conflicting thoughts are common in me and am always a scapegoat in this matter. Finally, before i decide..she leaves her book and walks away…looking at me with a look.. ” amma no more studying..am done”… Then again i just ignore my inner voices…and continue guilt-free.
It is hard to keep the younger one engaged.. usually, i just leave it to her..giving her a restriction that she should not disturb her sister…and then she targets me or her dad..who seems to be jobless for her.
This is the time, i get to think should i have one more kid..but another piece of me..kicks away that thought readily. 

Actually better not to think how to keep them busy, they are better off idle..as i see her finding out things to do on her own, and it’s much more interesting to watch…
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