I never learned to bad I did not get to enjoy this wonderful thing in my life. But now I did.

Was typically scared i can say. Once when i was a kid..while learning fell off from a cycle…after that for some or the other reason, i ran away from the cycle..and gradually i started hating it (blame my human part ). I remember when i was in Infosys, there were so many cycles and i was the only odd one out who could not cycle… I didn’t even dare to try because i was scared of being mocked……years went by and every time there came a situation when i had to cycle..i ran away.
Now after years when we brought this cycle yesterday..some kind of inner conscience hit me. Because i personally used to encourage my daughters, as i was never encouraged for it. And yesterday i was standing beside it being scared a lil. Finally, i decided to conquer my fears. I loved it when my daughter said..mamma no worries, i will help you learn.. later when i began to pedal…i could see the joy in their face. It was something I could do anything for.

Today again we three went cycling and I was glad i could cycle with them.

Sometimes all you need is a lil push upon yourself to do something you thought you would never do.


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