Smiling Depression – Are you the one ?

Depression, quite a common topic that is trending yet silently killing people. After the Sushant Singh’s suicide or murder.. whatever, this has become quite a popular thing to talk about. Those who were the victims of depression never must have got this much support as they did after their death. I wish they had that much support at least way before they did the suicide, then they would have survived.

Ever thought, why we go unnoticed about such a virus that never leave a trace of its existence in any living being.

It is primarily because we never even bothered to notice it.

 Did you ever give a try noticing it?

Smiling depression is a real problem, which people who are depressed try to mask their depression with a smile or laughter. Most of them try to convince others that they are happy and invariably hide their problems with a smile. Consequently, this type of depression, goes unseen, as most of them never cry or show they are really sad. And slowly this depression, injects the poison in their lives and seclude their soul into hidden caves and finally drink all the life from their heart. It is more like a slow poison, still unknown to many.

Do you know whats their mistake?

They don’t go around for unexplained bouts of crying, express sadness or anything of that sort. They also don’t show a tiny bit of grudge or anger or unexplained thoughts on their face.

Remember the ones suffering from smiling depression, often looks happier and satisfied in life, because they do not want to display such sad emotions and cause worry.

Signs and Symptoms of Smiling Depression

Do you find it difficult to express your sadness and pretend to you are happy?

Do you constantly fight with your inner self to express the real emotions and all you do is just smile to disperse it?

Do you know anyone who is dealing with the same?

Then here are some of the tips to help you detect smiling depression. Hope with these you can help someone. or help yourself.


It is said that most of the people who are dealing with smiling depression may experience profound sadness, low self-esteem etc. Most of these are hidden and hence not easy to find out. We need to correlate various aspects and then decide upon the same.

Possible signs

It is really hard to find the symptoms when it comes to depression. One thing you can do is observe the less obvious signs that will help us to distinguish their behaviour. It is important to look for minor things like what their routine is, what they stopped enjoying, which they used to do before or changes in their habits etc. Let us take a look at somethings that might be possible signs to detect it.

Changes in appetite – More often, you might observe that depressed ones either overeat or lose their appetite. It is quite common to see such variation.

Changes in the pattern of sleep – Some of them experience oversleeping or less sleep. Some cant even sleeps even when the body is extremely tired and exhausted. Or some stay awake all night and sleep almost every time during the day.

Feel of hopelessness all the time – Hopelessness, feeling unworthy, lost and undermined are some of the feelings which are quite common in such people.

Loss of interest in any activities they enjoyed earlier- Such people, stop doing things which they always enjoyed doing.


Despite all these symptoms, people with smiling depression are hard to distinguish. They might be around us, like a strong companion, runs errands and even handle the job well. Also, they might even look optimistic and cheerful. They might even be a crowd gatherer, but deep within their sorrows lay hidden.

This is why it is always important to talk about your mental health to someone. But again never pour yourself to a judgy and clingy one. They tend you make your sorrows worst. Choose the right listener.

The right ones, always encourage you and let you be open and straighten your thoughts in the right direction.

Why do people hide their depression?

Quite simple, because people assume they are weak or rather are not brave enough to embrace their life situation. Some don’t want to burden others with their problems. This happens most often when they are people who are the caregivers rather than the caretakers.Most of them never know how to seek help. But yes they are the best ones who will hold their hands out to help anytime. They can even distinguish your worry and happiness without being told. Sadly they never find anyone who could read their mind.

Again the embarrassment is another factor that let them shoo away from sharing their problem. Blame it on the moments when they try to open up to the wrong person and ended up being embarrassed. Sometime since most of the times they are the caregivers, they assume they might snap out of it, but unfortunately, they tend to lose the grip on it. And finally, they blame themselves upon their failure.

Self-denial is yet another factor. They tend to deny themselves that they are under depression as they are smiling all the time. They dont want to believe that they are under depression and they show off themselves to be extremely happy and fine. Most of them face the fact that they do not accept themselves as they are at times.

Yet another aspect is they are scared of ramification in both personal or professional matters. Mental diseases are always something people assume is incurable. This fact makes it all the more worst. People worry that their close ones might leave them alone and go away if they even speak about depression. So they seal their mouth and tape it with a smile.

Another main problem is guilt. It attacks the healthy mind from within and damages it. Guilt makes them feel that they should not be depressed, and if they are still depressed, it is their mistake. And eventually, they feel ashamed of being depressed and shut themselves from the world outside.

Again this is priorly because of the unrealistic ideas of happiness that are clouded in their mind. Most of the see these photos and videos that are streaming in these social media profiles and assume this is “the life” and theirs is comparatively boring and monotonous. But they hardly know, what the other might be going through. All the more it makes them again depressed.

The image of being a perfectionist also makes many of us, never disclose about the depression they are dealing with every day. It is hard for them to get down from that crown position and accept they are also normal enough to feel all this.

The Risk of Suicide

Smiling depression, when gone unnoticed, leads to serious suicidal thoughts. And since they are highly functional being under a constant denial of acceptance, worsens the situation. When not treated at the right time, things will never be under control.

What is the treatment plan?

Talk …Talk … Talk .. Speak out more about the problems. Remember we all are human beings who are not so perfect and are likely to commit mistakes. Teach your children, that committing mistakes is not a sign of the weak and even as parents, accept your mistakes too and even apologise for the same.

Make healthy changes to the lifestyle like a good diet, exercise, yoga, mediation etc. And don’t forget to communicate with the right person. At first, even that person might find it tough to handle that change, but give them time, because you were the caregiver all the time, the shoulder to all. You can even approach a therapist. It is nothing wrong in it. It is equivalent to investing in a healthy you.

If you want to help others who are facing it, then, make sure you either help them by being a good listener, talk to them, direct them to such communities, guide them on what all they can do to improve their mental state. And yes, tell them, it is completely normal not to feel good at all the time.

AS I said, give a smile, and be good, we do not know who are facing problems and who is hiding a mountain of problems in their masked smile.


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