Are you burn out mommy? – Here is how to deal it

Most of the moms, who are working especially now during this pandemic time has to juggle around home and work and in between need to manage kids studies and much more. The expectations and the struggle are more , which is indeed causing moms to stress a lot.

Some moms think that the grass is greener on the other side , like being a stay-at–home-mom is much more easier. But no, nothing is ever easily especially when it comes to being mom. But again the moms who find reasons to stay at home assuming its easy, after a couple of times gets frustratedd and look for options to change their work status . In everyway being a mom is stressful.

How life in this pandemic changing me ?

Ever since 2020 began, life is not just going normal. We are trying to adapt to new things, something is changing but some remain the same.

Ever thought, that one single thing arrives and the whole world changes drastically. If you are looking into the negative sides you might still stumble upon a few more to think upon. But why go for negativity, when we have loads of positivity to search for.

The Beginning

I quite remember the early December in 2019 when in news they showed about corona virus and how people were suffering in China. At that moment like any other, I too thought it was fake or something, not gonna be arriving in India. But then to my shock, everything began to change tremendously. This deadly virus arrived in the city, it created panic and tension. I remember the very last day I was sending my daughters to school, with all those hand sanitizers and all… It is all like yesterday.

This virus, burst like hell and broke my lil one’s best graduation event too. I just hated those things. But what to do, have to live .. than be saddened upon these things.

Ever since March, we all were just indoors, not going anywhere but staying under the same roof for a longer and longer time. Sometimes, time begins to eat our patience, as we all are never being together in space like this. It was indeed difficult.

New habits, new things and much more.

I was scared that my kids are gonna be TV addicts and I am gonna be much more stout and plump that I wont be able to get out of that door. Panic dreams and scary dreams haunted me day and night.

Never knew we all could survive these 7 months like this and gonna survive much more…

The first few days went well.. but then work, household work, kids boredom everything began to eat my patience a lot. Moreover doing nothing, my weight also began to revolt. And over this, the news about the spread was much more frightening. All I could wonder was how people are so careless…

It is truly said that when you don’t feel good from within, the whole world outside you is also gonna tumble down.

Hence What I did was…

The very first thing I did was, completely take myself away from this news and media, which was anyways not doing them justice and creating panic more.

Once I did this, I was far away from collapsing.

The next thing I did was focus on myself… I started to work out, eat right and focus on being a healthy mind and body. In this venture, I included my kids too, started doing fun workouts with them, which in turn helped me and them and I got plenty of quality time with them, which I don’t say at all.

Decided to read more books, hence brought the same. Even indulged in making my kids find healthy reading habits too. Moreover, it helped my daughters to improve themselves in this period.

Vacation which prolonged a lot, we utilized teaching our mother tongue to my kids, which again came out well maybe not exemplary but yes Good for me.

We went for walks together, spend quality time playing together caroms, badminton, and much more… which was indeed fun. It kept my brain and heart happier. Even I got the opportunity to learn cycling and include it in my healthy regime to continue my journey to fitness dedicatedly.

The important thing we did was sticking to a routine, no matter its holiday or not, we ensured we get up early, finish everything on time and then sit to work or study or even for being free. This helped us in a great deal and saved much of my time.

So overall, this pandemic brought me so many things in surplus with my dear ones and that makes me happier. Although there are other things I miss, then we all are in a virtual world, things are turning well. At least we can work remotely, be in touch with friends who were long gone from our life for a while, learn new things and also be around our kids and watch them grow.

So If I put everything together:

  1. Self-love and self-motivation.
  2. Fix a routine.
  3. Be with family.
  4. Count your blessings
  5. Fix your time and schedule to ensure you get plenty of time free or to do what you love.
  6. Sleep well.. sleep enough not too much.
  7. Be happy.
  8. Take up a new hobby or get back to your favourite niche.
  9. Be healthy.
  10. Be positive.

It is rightly said,

Everything is a blessing in disguise

Let me distract you

Do you relate to this??
Yes, indeed i believe. At least 70%of them get distracted many times a day.
For me, i am lost most of the time..either in my own illusions or confusions..and sometimes both come together that i wonder whats reality.
Amidst my chores, my work, my routines..i am distracted a lot.
For a moment i am here..and then i am gone. Somewhere.
Nowhere to be known…
Again here i am distracted from my own words….
But what causes its lack of interest..or lack of concentration.

As kids we might also have been unhinged by multiple things happening outside and truly takes our mind off from what we are focusing on…
My lil one..keeps wandering physically and mentally every time she is up to doing something.
And it is hard to bring her back to what she is doing…
But times she surprises me with her engrossed behavior especially when she is up to mischief.
So how can we work on it?
As @robinsharma  said…you can train your monkey mind to come back each time it deviates and then try to reduce the number of hops you make.
Am working on it too..
Let’s all do it unanimously.
Kudos to the monkey minds.
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How to write a journal and how it will benefit you ?

Recently i heard my daughter’s English teacher telling her students about diary writing etc. And my curious mind.. or call it a monkey mind, wandered into her class. The teacher advised students to write a journal or make a diary note every day by end of the day (EOD) . It just reminded me of my childhood days wherein I always cherished the joy of writing or call t scribbling, in a diary. My dad used to get me some beautiful diary. It was always filled with lots of information and facts and much more. The diary word filled my world with nostalgia. It reminded my childhood days when I started to scribble something, whatever that comes to my mind.

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Ever since then my daughter began to write her diary every day. She writes and shares with me, and ask for suggestions. Being a mom, I felt i should help her fill those diary pages, with some thoughtful reflection. I told her, “you write down the mistakes, the good the bad whatever you think into these pages..and then if you have done, make corrections to what you did and mention the same.” I told her, even to note down the reaction she received upon doing that act. All I wanted her to do was to remember the lesson, the lesson she learned that day.

I was glad reading her entries as they were truthful and honest. It was something I didn’t tell her, but she did on her own.

So have you ever written a journal?

If you have not, let us see why you need it?

A journal helps you to achieve what you want to change or polish in a better way.

It will help you :

  • To identify the negative thoughts.
  • Also to express negative emotions which we technically hide
  • Helps you to set goals and work on it.
  • If you are in some arguments, while writing it down, you get to think on another perspective.
  • You also get to check on your setbacks and even progress clearly.

If you want to start writing a journal – Stick to the habit and never quit. It needs commitment and honesty very much.

Now how to begin with

You can start writing by answering these questions like :

  • How am I feeling right now?
  • What did I do today?
  • What are my plans for today?
  • What mistakes I did and how did i correct it?
  • What did I read/listen to?
  • How did I help my family?
  • What better I can do?

Start writing and work on your goals and perspectives.

If you find it difficult to write, then at least try to start with something casual, and surely you will end up writing well. Some people have also turned their journal into a blog. It is also an ideal way.

So let us start writing and keep a journal.

All the best folks !!

Being dad

Being a dad is not easy.
I don’t know actually..because I am a mother and some times..emotionally all support to me..maybe because dads are stronger or depict only stronger side..and mom is delicately stronger.

A dad holds the kids in an invisible manner. He may be tough outside and even show no pain or any kind of emotion like being estranged from life.

But still, he worries for you, care for you in a different way which you might not be about to figure out as a child..but will eventually get to know.

Today while u was holding my kid on the cycle…only my mother’s instinct worked..i was in a tendency to hold her…but when it was him…he focused letting her drive away…and he was right..i was holding her and causing her fall.
And yeah she learned with her father..thats best for her.
It is hard for watch them skate or cycle..because half my concentration is on them and I am always in an alert state.