Safe or Happy – What do you choose for her?

Time to ponder on some thought which has lately preoccupied in mind. Again this is one among the myriad of thoughts i have.

Most of the parents tend to get their girls married off early, assuming they are in safe hands. They just randomly pick someone, who might be assumed to be a suitor for their girl. They hardly know how that person is in life handling. Only education and financial status and sometimes a general awareness picked from the unknown people are considered as a value add points. And then the girl is set to be married.

Finally, she is in safe hands. right. Oh, yea.
When situations come like a brick fall, she has to face all the consequences, and parents assume she is still in safe hands. Because they are worried about single girls or even the worst parts of a divorced girl.
She has to live that relationship because she is not accepted anywhere.
Most of the time none knows what is the pain that girl has to go through when she realizes that her happiness is on stake for just safety.
She forgets to smile and live under the shadow of false happiness.
The end of her life.
#soulrecitals #herstory #randomthoughts #pain #safeorhappy


  1. That’s why it is important to educate and empower her to be capable of taking care of herself…why should she be forced to compromise…..still a long way to go..but I am sure when thoughts change life too will change..
    God bless you 🙏🙏

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