Get a lil Sunshine and get a healthy mind

Ever felt suffocated, being enclosed in a room for hours.

I am one such person, who can’t stand a closed room, even the lift seems quite suffocating me, even when it is difficult to climb, at some instance, i prefer to choose steps.

Nowadays, as most of us are locked up insider home and even unable to take a break away from work. We all are not just escaping from Corona, but falling for another sickness that is Vitamin D deficiency, and much more i can say. People who are more confined to their homes, especially the older generation, kids and even people who are glued to their laptops are the ones who are targeted.

Most of us, who are working, want a peaceful space to work with no disturbance, hence choose a closed room. Even though we want to take regular breaks from work to grab some tea or coffee or even a little sunlight, we do not get a chance and end up in that room for a longer duration. By the time, we get the break, the sun is gone and our sleep arrives.
Being cooped up in your home is surely gonna eat up your brain, stimulate your stress hormones even when you are working from home, homeschooling your kids or just staying indoors during this pandemic. You are likely going to be prone to some mental stress, depression, back pain and even cold and cough.
It is said that spending time out in the sun and fresh air is linked to the vitality. It is also proven that time spends outside not only makes your body resilient to illnesses but also makes your mind fresh and open. If you see there are heaps of benefits on getting some fresh air and sunlight.
Here are some ways to soak yourself in sunlight and get your lungs a fresh gush of pure air.
Dont make excuses saying your gym is closed, walking for a while outside is ideal for your health. Either take your pet for a walk, or go for a run, or just take a brisk walk. These are all gonna benefit you in one way or the other.
Walking outside can also elevate your mood. Staying indoors for long is going to eat your patience and boost the stress hormones. It is not ideal for your mental health. Scientifically it’s proven that people who generally went out and walked are less prone to depression.

Going out for a while kills boredom. Yea ideal for your kids and even elder ones who are likely homeschooling and also staying indoors for long hours. When you go out, your brain likely gets so many things to watch for, which will stimulate good energy and positivity.
Open your windows and let some sunshine enter your home space, it lets you kill the germs in the atmosphere that are likely to exist in the closed areas. Ventilated homes are ideal for your brain health and mental health too.

If you see a lack of vitamin D, has also caused many health problems, like backache, bone problems, cold and cough and much more. Just walk around in the morning and get some stretches for those lazy bones for a healthy living.

Get a sharper mind and healthier body with a little sunshine and fresh air.


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