Hid their love beneath their skin

There was never a moment when they were apart. They roamed together, ate together, held each other every moment.
But one fine day, things started to fall apart.
Their world split into pieces, where each fell apart. The trust, the connection, and even the love they had.
What took them away, was nothing, but the world that they adored so much.
All they wished was the world to accept them…
but in turn, the world split them…
both hearts ached a lot and was thrown apart.
never to meet, as they were bounded by promises they made to the ones, who never treasured them being together.
Now they tread along, the silence of the world, unknown of the pain, they endorsed each other.
Never to be together again…
Hiding the love beneath their skin, adorning the scars the world gifted them.

Ever felt like living in a space, where you are unable to breathe?

Ever felt like living in a space, where you are unable to breathe?

Like you have been imprisoned forever in that space. You call it your home, you might be comfortable in one way, but there are constraints, you feel like your breathing with lots of obstacles.

You become much more aware and focused like a tiger waiting for the prey or a hare grazing on the grass aware of being caught and eaten up one day. It is indeed the toughest moment.

You want freedom,
you want to breathe in peacefully,
like none watching or creating rules for you.
You hold on to many things primarily because you are afraid to break the world you live in. One way you want that world, but in another way, it is a cage for you.
Do you feel it?
Sometimes, you need to choose to breathe in the freshness the world has to offer you.