People are scared of the word Feminism- lets us see what it is

Interestingly not just half, the majority dont understand what feminism is.
The first thing that comes to their mind is that women want superiority..but it’s not just about women..but equal opportunity for both sexes.

It is hard as they shut their ears and become deaf as they never want to hear it. Those are the people who are the poison to society. They are reluctant to change their mind and blame society for progress.

They shut their eyes and call the world is dark. The hard part is that they learn it only the hard way.
Don’t know what to call such beings, but i feel ashamed for living among such ones.

They hardly know what it means to be standing strong and accepting facts. All they know is to shut themselves in the darkest corner and blame the world.

It is high time they open up their mind.

Build a healthy society. Give equal opportunity for all sexes irrespective of gender.

Evaluate a person for the quality of work, not on gender.
#sreepriyawrites #feminism #positivefeminism #equalityofsexes #realdefnitionoffeminism #whatisfeminism


  1. There Were Women Existing Before Feminism, They’re Still 51 Percent Of The Humanity. If The World Was So Evil Then Why are Women Existing Today. In The Past The Production of Good Was Done By Physical Labour and Naturally Men Were Better at That. Now Things are Changing So Is The Society. These Big Words Like Morality, Revolution etc are Just Huge Covers For Small Things.


  2. Well, I would say that I partially agree with what you’ve conveyed here. Most women with regards to this discussion are self-conflicted, I think in a way women brought this upon women. We can blame men for starting this and have all sympathy for the women who had to go through all that but women became so used to all this that they started differentiating between their kids. Women raised strong men and let their daughters stay at home. They could’ve rebelled long back! Some did, but the majority stayed the same. I’ve seen so many scenarios where a mother wants to get her daughter married right after she graduates and doesn’t care about her feelings and rights. I’m not going to bring the media into this because it’s a never ending discussion. Now, most feminists carry with them a strange anger which is understandable but not entirely justifiable. So if today someone thinks of writing on or debating on feminism – they’re already angry and boiled up in their head. And that is a serious harm because the anger drifts you away from the actual reason and logic. And then comes the angle of religion which may or may not bury the roots of feminism.. there’s always two sides of a coin!

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  3. It’s really like any movement, if you have enough people in power saying and doing crazy stuff then it’s going to reflect poorly on your entire group.

    As it should.

    Feminism in theory is great. Equal rights for women and men. The reality is that it attracts a disproportionate number of women who absolutely hate men.

    That isn’t to say all feminists hate men, but the overlap is very significant and can’t be dismissed.

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    • That is what, real feminist never hate men, and real men never hate feminist.Becasue it is a belief of equal rights for both sexes. But unfortunately, the real feminism is buried now and the fake ones have modified the theory for their own benefits and even the real men who respect women have a different thought about feminist women


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