Feminist Man bring up the best daughters

Series of inspiring movies…and what’s the best part of it?
Each movie speaks of brave women who have done great things. And in almost all these stories i found a great man, the father who is the backbone of every girl. Yes all these stories though depict the story of brave women, all these have in common is a feminist father or a man who stands behind her to push her to do the right thing, when everything else in the world condemns her or pushes her aside.

It is hard to find such men who actually can uphold a woman’s dream wholeheartedly. It takes great courage to be such a great man. And mostly only a father can be that man in most of the cases. For them, their daughters are great warriors. Only a father cannot see tears in the eyes of his daughter.
And truly such daughters are blessed.
But yes, we have the other worst side of the coin, wherein women are just entitled to do what the society decides. Never push your daughters into that dungeon, you are losing a real gem or a future that will make you proud.
Be that man, who supports feminism and is proud to stand beside the woman who is strong enough like you.

Like in the movie Pangaa, the lady is supported by her lil son and her husband.Β  When in the society it’s mostly the other way round. It is the girl who has to give up on her dreams.
For once, dream for your daughter, for your wife, for your sister, and for your mother or grandmother. They have given you enough, now give them space and opportunity to grow.

Let there be a saying ” behind every successful woman is a strong man”.


  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Why The Word Feminist. A Man Who Support His Daughter Or Wife Is Not Doing That Because He Is a Feminist But Because He Believes In The Dreams Or The Ideas Of His Daughter Or Wife. Or He Just Love Them. Most of The Fathers Love Their Daughter and If There Is No Social Constraints Every Father Will Support His Daughter. It’s Not The Case For Feminist,It’s For The People Who Still Values Relationships.

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