Period leaves -A Taboo to Honour

Recent news on the viral is the Indian food delivery company Zomato offering period leaves. Interestingly this is something that is catching the wide attention all around the world. Even the NYTimes also reported about the news saying –Company’s Paid Leave for Periods Takes On a Workplace Taboo.

Indeed things are changing and that is a positive aspect to know.

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Gone are the days when periods were something unspeakable. Even the girls “shush” among themselves, as if the other girl is unknown to it. I even recollect moments when the girls shy away from conveying about periods to their friends who were boys. In those days(period days), they stick around their girlfriends just to ensure that they have someone to ask, whether they have not stained on their dress. (indeed they cant ask the guys to stare on their back and ask them whether they see any stains) . Yet, we are still not reached that stages, it won’t be that long. Anyways it’s no big deal to ask if the guy is the best friend you have.

Periods are not some taboo aspect, that we need to hesitate from speaking. Most of the girls hide around or just disappear in those days. And the periods become the secret talk of the town. Let’s not shy away from the fact that visits us every month without a prior notice too..

And the mood swings that accompany it, that is something unbearable. Some women are super angry, irritated , depressed ,or even horny at that moment. Trust me, those are just uncontrollable emotions and we just need to let it flow with ease than constraining them. Mood swings are just common – of course because we are humans.

Yet another factor , that might not be visible to all is the breaking bone pains, that comes along with it. It sometimes feels like our body is broken down into two pieces, explicitly from the middle, because it aches like hell. If I was not at work, you would find me dumped in the corner of my room with a hot water bag, which is indeed not very helping all the time.

Most of the women I work with , deals with a wide variety of menstrual pains ranging from small to big and even causing many to faint at times. And what do we get reports as -“fatigue” and stress. Now we do not need all these excuses to apply leaves, because Period leaves are there. Isn’t that the best part. But again women need to be bold enough to say that rather than shy away. There should be no shame or stigma around these period leaves and women should boldly take the leave.

So Women be bold and do not hold back . There is no shame in having periods. In fact we should be proud of it.

Embrace it with pride.


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