Its her share of effort- appreciate or not

A very common scenario, which even I myself had to face a couple of times.
All the more I feel people are less known about the fact that a happy home needs both the parents to be working and independent at times. Not all are born millionaires.

When people ask me what my husband does, I at times keep mum..thinking they might belittle my profession. And I am not wrong, it happens all the time.
It is either people are not aware of what our job does or they assume that we pick the job as a hobby.
If you don’t know ask or ask Google, it knows almost everything you might not know. Never belittle a lady for she does what she can to be an earning member.
At least appreciate her for the efforts for not burdening anyone.
#sreepriyawrites #womanempowerment #womanslives #beindependent #neverquit


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