I became yours forever

Like a memory to ponder…

you keep me wonder.

as you hold me closer.

i just skip a heartbeat…

you are like the moment to hold…

With my eyes shut forever

as your skin brush up on mine..

i sealed my eyes, to exist that very moment…

to let my skin remember your touch forever.

the fragrance of your fingers lingered in the strands of my hair.

like the waves colliding on the beach sand…

you nourished my soul…

I became yours forever.

A small Joy of Tag

Hey Friends,

Recently a friend of mine, Ritu Jain, tagged me in a post. Yet another aspiring writer and someone who is always supportive in my articles i post.  Recently i started following her post and am quite mesmerized by the way she writes.  Here is a small token of happiness for being so supportive.

The Rules of this tag are:

1) Thank the blogger who tagged you.
2) List 15 of your small joys.
3)Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy, feel free to say why!

My 15 Small Joys List :

  1. When someone smiles at me, even when they do not know me.
  2. When I get the cuddles from my kids, who are my gem.
  3. When my kids express their gratitude for no reason.
  4. When I am writing love and romantic poems
  5. When I wake up on a bright day.
  6. When i get to meet my besties.
  7. When he says “I love you” in different ways.
  8. When he needs me around.
  9. When I dance to the music, which invokes all my hidden emotions
  10. When words flow like a stream and fill my pages.
  11. When night falls and the sunset looks stunning.
  12. When  I get to see the rainbow.
  13. When am done with all the work and i get to take rest and watch movies.
  14. When someone admires my work.
  15. When I get that heaven, I long for.

But yes, again, apart from these 15, I love every little thing that’s around me. From the dewdrop in the drizzle, the warm cup of tea i sip in the morning, sitting in my balcony watching the morning sun.

Life gives us tiny to big moments to cherish, and revive. Every moment is impeccable in its own way. I cherish the most memorable and a  milestone in my life is the moment when my babies were born.

I live the moment, hence everything is so beautiful.

Thank you, Ritu for tagging me.

Here I tag five of my fellow bloggers, ( again no compulsion) .

  1. The Lost Soul
  2. Aman Kumar 
  3. Shivang-The Oblique Asymptote
  4. BelieveU

  5. Kamal’s Blogging Café

Thank you in advance.

Let’s all be supportive.

Keep Visiting. Happy Blogging !!

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