Bucket list

A casual Sunday for me, the next day awaiting is my work. This is when I decided to watch the Marathi movie Bucket list.

The movie starring Madhuri Dixit was quite a good watch and thought-provoking.

Do you know what’s a bucket list?
Do you all have one bucket list?

Yea most of them have.
And they are the ones who can fulfill it.
But many like me..do not even have a bucket list…because we know it’s hard to get it done.

Most of our wishes are like “not expected from you ” invoking ones. This is where we stop and drop our pen.

But don’t you think, that our life is just a gift of a lifetime and we need to fulfill it with that ardent desire to keep ourselves happy.

I guess everyone should at least have a minimum of 10 wishes done and accomplished with a happy heart.

Let the weight of our happiness, drive us to fulfill our ardent desires.

Great a bucket list big or small that values to you.
Be your own boss.
Grab your dreams.
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