Who am I??

Who am I?
I don’t look for a change sometimes?
But i do make a change sometimes.
I may not look for success.
But i succeed in a few.

I fail to impress a lot.
But i dont care, as i am not born to impress.
I don’t look for ways to succeed.
But i work harder to improve.

I don’t look for successful outreach
But i constantly work in my momentum.
I am not like what you expect.
I have the least expectations in myself.

Am i a secret to ponder..?
Or just a mirage.
That will disappear one day.

Do i care for the same..?
I am unsure.
All i know is that.
I love this moment.
And live it to the core.
#sreepriyawrites #soulrecitals #memyselfandiď’‹ #justbeingme