When I decided I no longer want to be just a Mom…

You can call me a feminist or whatever, it will never bother me because I know what i truly want. Being brought up by women who were working, i was always fond of being a working independent woman. But circumstances were hard and against me for years.

To escape from this self martyring motherhood, i chose to be in my early years of motherhood, just gave me nothing but I ended up in feeling unworthy of myself. This is when i decided it is high time babes, you have to move on.

Yes !! It is tough for any mom, but never think less of her.

Every working woman has to go through a saga of laments and hostile faces just to be what she wants in her life. Unlike men, women even now have to go through many unwanted dramas to gain their position.  And after all these selfless struggles what is she called – a feminist- in a bad sense.

It is as if, she has suppressed her fellow men’s’ rights and oppressed him to be a housemaid, as she was done every time.

Do you think its right?

No, never. She also has the right to dream, propel her career, and be a perfect example to her kids.  Actually, most men, (i am not accusing all, no maybe 10%)  are afraid that being enslaved when women start to work. We, women, are experts in handling ups and downs, thanks to the narrow-minded society we are grown up with, they always push the female down just as she is rising. Even getting a reservation based on being a woman is itself a degradation.

For me, my only aim to resume work was not just to be independent, I wanted my daughters to be able to think that being independent is important in life – and yes kids learn through examples, not just speeches.

When I decided I no longer want to be just a mom,  I had to go through many griefs, which never seems like melancholy for others.

When you are a mom, half of your heart resides in that child, you are constantly worried about the child, hence taking up a new responsibility is indeed like a mountain. She does require some help, but the moment she asks to shoulder the responsibility, Yea she is welcomed with a smile, but once the day 1 is half done, there comes the rebel act, insisting her to stop the career dreams. And followed by a great lecture on the importance of being a mom at home all along.

And their clean ball.. killed her dreams and courage she gathered up from months before even conveying the fact that she has a dream.

This happens everywhere, and I am no exception.

This is when i realized, that its just me, who has to run errands to work on my dream. Never expect a hand or a comforting word from anyone because, at one point, you will be blamed for all the things that happen.

Life is strange.

I never wanted to be a feminist, but after being a mother of two girls, my seeds of feminism that my past sow on me, bloomed. And now, I believe that every woman should be independent, and has her own life to life.

Earn it by hook or crook. It is again your choice.

So let’s all be those new gen moms, who believe that their daughters need not be married off early, their daughters need to earn like others(be it men or women), let their kids pursue their dreams and not being beaten down by the stereotype notions of the old society and be the ones who teach the kids be it boy or girl to be independent and supportive.




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