Do you cry?

Do you cry ??
Yea, everyone cries.
But do you know at times why she cries?
It’s not emotional hardship.
It’s her anger and frustration, she brings out in those tears.
She wana heal her from within.
She won’t cry for all the bullshit happening around her.
But for the bullshit within her.
Instead of exploding, she cries it out.
Like a volcano being run down by an iceberg.
But chill my darling!!. Crying is no problem.
Vent out your anger or just learn to ignore the ones who turns your head smoking hot.

Others will never understand why you cry, they just become your witness…

Never fear away from breaking away.
Even the waterfall cracks open the rocks to cascade it’s way down.

And cry, it does not show your weakness…
Only the strong can cry.

Stay strong and be who you are.

#herstory #bestrongandcourageous #strongwomen


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