I had a thousand things to say…

I had thousands of things to say.
But you never let me finish them.
Hence I pen down, the longest letter for you.
I wished for every moment to last a lifetime when I was with you.
I treasured you within my soul,
You were like the treasure I found deep down the ocean of love when I dived.
Every moment ticked past my memory.
I wished I never lost them.
You were my beginning and my end.
Nothing is easy for me. than just bringing a smile on your face.
I wanna walk every step beside you.
Like you taking me to destiny.
And I just follow your lead.
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The weight we need to shed

We all are weighed upon by so many unwanted emotions like attachment, expectations, pain, success, and much more. We keep on increasing the burden day by day..minute by minute. We just know to increase it, but not to decrease it.
From childhood, we start taking the burden of expectation to reach the top position…we keep on carrying it until death.
Then in relationships, we start the weight of expectations..and it never lessens even with time..we weigh the other as we take the same weight upon us.
Until death, there is no reduction in the weight of it.
At times we weigh ourselves with pride, which with time falls and break down bringing us to ground zero…
But the rest remains, even with plenty of ups and downs.
The weight remains with us until we are on the deathbed.
It is then, we release the weight of it to travel to another space.
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