I walked with the wind

As I walked.
I could hear the whisper of the wind in my ears.
It was like a calling.
An inner world calling out.
I walked fast past the walls, which refrained me for long.
It was like I was leaving behind many things.
Walking down the road,
I never turned back.
As I knew I had nothing to hold on.
Everything let me loose.
And I just walked untangled by my inhibitions.
Towards a dream.
That was constantly pulling me.
My only companion was the wind.
It was bustling the melody of freedom…
And I smiled from within.
My eyes glowing and my feet firmly on the ground.
It was not a dream.
It’s the dream that came true.
And I walked into my destiny…
The world I longed for…
Ever since I knew to dream.
#sreepriyawrites #herstory #herdreams


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