To my soulmate

As i behold you,
I feel my whole world,
Within you.
Ever since we met,
I know what my soul longed for,
With you, every moment is precious and treasured.
You erased the pieces of me,
Which was never my favorite.
Giving me new visions, to work on.
With you, i feel the sense of belonging.
The immense joy, that sprouts with you, is divine..
You always complete me..
And urge me to complete myself.
The way you understand me, even when I am flawed is magnificent..
You stand for me like no one ever does.
And listens to my silence, when all see my chaos.
You drive me to the true pot.tial of innermost me..
And help me be the complete person I should be.
As I dive into your eyes,
I can listen to my soul..You are my soul mate..
Who completes me.
#soulmate #atruesoulmate