Why are students committing suicide?

Do you know why students suicide?
With the results out, we know the number of suicides is gonna spike soon. Be it school result or college or be it anything.
Nowadays most of the kids tend to end their life.
Do you know why they do it?
It is because of you, who burden them with the expectations. You never give them a chance, when failure happens. You tend o burden them and criticize them for the failure…you forget that failure is quite normal. We all are not born geniuses we gain knowledge gradually, given time, space, and patience.
The very first time you criticize your child for their failure, you have already pushed your child into the hands of suicide.
The child’s mind is too brittle to understand, they become worried that failing is a sin.
What do you need to do?
Do not create hype upon failures. Make the child understand that failures give you a second chance to win over and do it rightly.

Give them the right guidance, not the rope to suicide.
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Best friends forever

Time with you never fades away in my memory.
Being with you, let me be just me.
You never judged me,
Never bullied me.
We walked away building our world.
But we are still in the same shell of ours,
Where we remain the same…
Cascade of memories float in,
Even from a word we begin.
Spilling thousands of words,
Which we zipped in for years.
Meeting you is always a bliss.
With you, it’s just me and just you.
We don’t carry nametags that we carry all along.
Just you and Me.
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When I miss the most

Even when worlds apart,
our words knit us together.
Even when a mile apart,
my words entwine you in me..
When i miss being in your arms,
I jot my words, that enchant me from within..
Worlds apart, our worlds come together..
Every moment is a painful journey to endure.
Every time i wished you were the one I walked with…
Holding me along…
Every time i wanted to smile..I wished it was because of you..
Every time I cried, I wished you held my tears..
Its not easy to be apart.
Especially when it is you,
Longing is burning me from within.
It will subside , only with your touch…
The moment we collide..I am gonna ablaze…
Wherein we turn into ashes, together to float.
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