All she wanted to do was gather stars….

She sat in the corner of the house, waiting for someone’s attention, but none focused on her. Whatever she did, she was never appreciated ….she wept inside, as her tears also were never seen. Her tiny heart ached a lot, unknowingly everyone around her punished her inside.
It was when, once she did something bad, a tiny mistake and there she became the talk of the home and,…all she realized was that she gained some attention, be it good or bad.
She punished her more often, doing things even she hated, which gradually became a habit a nature instilled in her. She did it because that is when someone around her even cared to look at her.
She was gradually ruining her, in order to receive a slice of love and care…
But then eventually she was hated, left uncared and unattended and imprisoned forever…
All she wanted to do was gather the stars and she ended up in darkness…

#sreepriyawrites #herstory #beingagirl


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